Topics: To prevent overlap and repetition of topics, all proposals for articles in the Quarterly Report (Quarterly) should be submitted to the Publications Committee at for review and approval. We welcome articles and case notes on any subject of interest to the consumer financial services legal community.

Deadline to Submit: Submissions will be accepted year-round, but typically the Quarterly is published in four editions, although we typically combine editions into a double edition for article symposia. Once a proposal is accepted, a deadline for submission and other relevant deadlines will be provided to the author. Each author additionally will be provided with a contact on the Publications team who will serve as their primary contact through the submission stage.

Length: While we are flexible as to length, particularly with symposium editions, the typical submission is 3,000-6,000 words.

Format: Articles should be in a law review form and submitted in Word.  Footnotes should be used for citations and citations should follow BlueBook.
Editing: Articles are reviewed and edited with the assistance of St. Mary’s University Law School. Edits to a submitted article will be returned to the author in redline fashion for review and approval of the authors. We request authors “reject” or “accept” changes, and address content questions posed by the Editorial Team.

Content: Articles should be original content, meaning they should not have been published in any other periodical or journal prior to submission to the Publications Committee. Further, the CCFL will request that each author sign a Publication Agreement which, among other things, warrants their authorship and that the article has not been previously published as such. We recognize that some article ideas for the Quarterly do germinate as short weblog posts or presentations. Such ideas still remain a proper subject for submission to the Quarterly, so long as such ideas are then repurposed to meet the Quarterly’s standards in terms of depth, format, and analysis and will be subject to our Publication Agreement. Additionally, once preliminary accepted for publication, the article should not be submitted for publication elsewhere while the article is in the editorial process for ultimate publication in the Quarterly.

CCFL and the Quarterly reserve all rights with respect to whether or not to publish an article, even if an article has been preliminarily accepted for publication. The CCFL and Quarterly will not publish articles that are, in whole or in part, libelous; scandalous; inflammatory; discriminatory; defamatory; false; threatening; vulgar; obscene; pornographic; profane; abusive; harassing; invasive of another’s privacy; hateful or bashing; aimed at gender, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, religious views, or disability; in violation of local, state, national, or international law; or that infringes on, or violates, any right of any party; or that was created in whole or in part with artificial intelligence tools.

Authorship: Authors should provide a brief biographical paragraph and will be required to submit a photograph to accompany the article at publication.