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Quarterly Report | Vol. 75   Nos. 1 - 2
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Introduction and Welcome to The John Chiles Mortgage Symposium
by Jim Milano & Scott Hyman
Dedication to John Chiles
by Jim Milano
The Intersection of the First Amendment and Fair Lending: CFPB v. Townstone Financial—A Case of First Impression Meets a Case of Free Expression
by David K. Stein & Rebecca A. Joseph
Serving LEP Consumers: Challenges and Considerations
by Rodrigo Alba & Kathleen Ryan
An Overview of Developments Under California’s Consumer Financial Protection Law and Debt Collection Licensing Act
by Paul Soter, Scott J. Hyman, & Laszlo Ladi
Tradelines of Mortgage Servicers’ Past: Accurate Historical Snapshots or Misleading Under FCRA?
by K. Issac deVyver, Benjamin J. Sitter, & Jared M. DeBona
Back to the Fire: Lessons from the HAMP Era for CARES Act Compliance and Civil Litigation
by Courtney Hayden, Keith Levenberg, & Matthew Riffee
A Look at Federal, New York, and California COVID-19- Related Mortgage Forbearance, Foreclosure, and Eviction Moratoria: Can Expanded Protections Become Permanent?
by Michael Flynn
The Reshaping of Texas Home Equity Laws and Remedies
by Paul Kellogg & Sabrina Neff
Enforcement of Lost Notes by Assignee
by Simon Fleischmann & Ryan A. Sawyer
Amendments to the Federal Ability-to-Repay Rule
by Matthew S. Yoon, John P. Holahan, & Joshua D. Jordon
Interplay of the CARES Act’s Forbearance Framework and Regulation X’s Loss Mitigation Rules
by Jonathan R. Kolodziej
Key Mortgage Servicing Takeaways from Multistate Settlement
by Nanci Weissgold, Anoush Garakani, & Josh Dhyani
2020 CFPB TRID Developments
by Jed Mayk
Problems and Solutions: Reviewing a Decade of Evolution in Mortgage Foreclosure Case Law in Florida
by Nicholas S. Agnello
Remote Online Notarization—The Nuts-and-Bolts and Current Status Update
by Loren Coe
RESPA 2021: Let’s Make a Lawsuit!
by Jessica Salisbury-Copper & Scott King
RESPA Section 8: Anti-Kickback or Just Antiquated? What Should Be Done?
by Ken Markison
Money Laundering and Real Estate
by Terence M. Grugan & Mary K. Treanor
Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation: Winning the Tug-of-War on Mortgage Servicers’ Post-Bankruptcy Discharge Credit Pulls
by Andrew K. Stutzman & Tara B. Dickerman
Is It Time to Enhance Your Bankruptcy CMS?
by Daniel J. Collins


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