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Quarterly Report | Vol. 76   Nos. 1 - 2
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In Memoriam: Larry A. Young
Conference Elects New Governing Committee Members
The Cars We Drive Say a Lot About Us
by Eric L. Johnson & Andrea Amico
The FTC Holder Rule: A Ceiling, a Floor, or Both?
by Julia K. Whitelock & Robert D. Tilley
When Inventory and Retail Lending Collide—Who Prevails Under Quartz v. Mullen Bros.?
by Adam A. Hutchinson, Gregory E. Eisner, & Katherine Figueroa
Post-Repossession Notice Litigation: Small Mistakes Can Lead to Big Financial Consequences
by Andrew K. Stutzman & Christopher A. Reese
I am at a Total Loss—Litigation Arising from “Excess Insurance Proceeds” on Leased Vehicles Declared a Total Loss are on the Rise
by Ryan L. DiClemente & Kellie A. Lavery
Are You Covered?: Behind the Drive to Regulate GAP Waivers
by Stephen D. Britt, Austin B. Kenney, & Genevieve R. Walser-Jolly
(L)end to End: Applicability of ECOA to the Life Cycle of a Credit Transaction
by Lisa M. Lawless & Marci V. Kawski
Should Debt Collectors and Credit Furnishers Keep It in The Middle of the Road? Collateral Challenges to the Legal Validity of the Debt May Lead to Liability for Both Furnishers of Credit Information and for Debt Collectors
by Caren Enloe & Melissa Tulis Smith
Case Note: Hunstein v. Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc.
by Nick Agnello & Pia Thompson
Creditors Are Impacted by Regulation F in Several Ways, Including Through State Law
by Leah Dempsey, Sarah Auchterlonie, Courtney Bartkus, & Max Porteus
The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act’s Application to Motor Vehicle Loans and Leases
by David M. Bizar
The Proposed Motor Vehicle Dealers Trade Regulation Rule— a Review of the Comments
by Jessica Lesser


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