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Quarterly Report | Vol. 69   Nos. 2 - 4
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Conference Elects New Governing Committee Members
The 2014 Fisher Memorial Program – Credit for the Next Generation of Young Consumers: Too Little, Too Much, Too Confused?
2015 CFPB CARD Act Report
by Andrew Owens and Adam D. Maarec
FTC Finalizes Rule Banning Telemarketer Use of Remotely Created Payments
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, John L. Culhane, Jr., Mark J. Furletti and Jeremy T. Rosenblum
The Effect of the FDCPA’s Class-Action Penalty Cap on Class Certification
by Scott J. Hyman and Austin B. Kenney
Eighth Circuit: Purpose, Not Content, Determines TCPA Coverage of Calls as “Telemarketing”
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, John L. Culhane, Jr., Mark J. Furletti, Daniel JT McKenna and Joel E. Tasca
Judicial Isolation of the Third Circuit’s “Glassine Window” FDCPA Decision in Douglass v. Convergent Outsourcing
by Scott J. Hyman and Austin B. Kenney
CFPB and FTC Data Security Enforcement Actions
by Kim Phan
FCC Issues Declaratory Ruling and Order on Twenty TCPA Petitions with Immediate Effectiveness and Particularly Significant Impact on Non-Telemarketing Calls
by Lauren E. Campisi
Crowdfunding Securities
by Andrew A. Schwartz
Recent Nevada Supreme Court Opinions Impact Deficiency Actions
by Ann Marie Hansen and Abran E. Vigil
Redeeming Church Bonds
by Zeynep Elif Aksoy
DOJ Settles Fair Lending Claims Based on Bank’s Mortgage Pricing System
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, Richard J. Andreano, Jr., John L. Culhane, Jr., Mark J. Furletti and Christopher J. Willis
Casenote: Arenas v. United States Trustee – Bankruptcy Plans Go Up in Smoke
by Alvin C. Harrell
Treasury Department Seeks Information on Online Marketplace Lending
by Alan S. Kaplinsky, Peter N. Cubita, Jeremy T. Rosenblum and Scott M. Pearson
UCC Article 9 Developments
by Fred H. Miller and Alvin C. Harrell
Banking Law and Ethics Issues for the Commercial Law Practitioner, Part One
by Paul R. Foster and Carrie L. Foster
Update on Consumer Litigation Funding Issues
by John L. Ropiequet
Adjusting to the CFPB’s Auto Finance Examination Authority
by D. Patrick Yoest, Nicholas F.B. Smyth and Robert M. Jaworski
Stay Far from the Madden-ing Crowd: When Preemption Meets Contract Law
by Michael C. Tomkies and Susan Manship Seaman
Is Disruptive Blockchain Technology the Future of Financial Services?
by Lawrence J. Trautman
Commentary: The Surprising Decline (and Fall?) of Consumer Mortgage Law and Litigation
by Alvin C. Harrell
Ten More Trends and Developments in Consumer Financial Services Law
by Alvin C. Harrell
CFPB Urged to Consider “Unintended Consequences” of Debt Collection Regulations
by Gary W. Becker


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